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Betfair Betting Site

International bookie Betfair is the largest official company in the world in the field of betting on sports, casinos, and other events. This is only one side of this company. In addition, the company has advanced functionality in comparison with the conventional betting website. In fact, Betfair is an exchange where the users can not only make a bet but also put up their own event with certain odds on the outcome.

The company was founded in 1999 and immediately attracted the attention of bettors with its unusual capabilities. Betfair provides a well-equipped platform for making deals between players for a small fee. An analogy with the stock exchange in the securities market suggests itself since there are many similarities. The company immediately acquired licenses from many European countries.

Betfair Exchange India Website

Betfair Site

The Betfair platform is very saturated, which is displayed in the appearance of the game portal. Authorization in Betfair betting site takes place using a login and password on any gadget: PC, laptop, tablet, phone. Betfair login is the client’s ID or his e-mail. After logging into the account, the bettor deposits money into the account and starts betting. The interface and structure of a website or mobile application are quite complicated for beginners at first, but over time the player gets used to it. The tinting is beautiful, the arrangement of blocks/sections is compact, and the navigation process is comfortable and fast. 

In the player’s “Personal account” there are subsections:

  • The amount of money on the game account.
  • Current wagers available.
  • The profile of the bettor. Includes surname and first name, phone number, password, and place of residence.
  • History — information about bets, wins, and losses. The subsection is useful for analysis.
  • Poker game account.
  • Deposit replenishment. There are many ways to deposit money.
  • Bonuses and promotions. Active players are offered various incentives, bonus codes are also activated here.

A personal account on the Betfair Exchange provides a bettor with the following opportunities:

  • make a deposit and withdraw winnings;
  • betting on events;
  • analyze the history and effectiveness of bets;
  • make account settings;
  • get bonuses;
  • contact technical support.

The layout of the subsections of the Betfair personal account is quite convenient, like the site. 

Mobile version of the site

The version of the portal for phones became a favorite feature for players – now they were not tied to stationary devices. The mobile version of the official Betfair website was developed using adaptive technologies, that is, the image is automatically adjusted to the screen size.

The functionality of the mobile version is no different from the full-fledged version, but it brought a number of advantages:

  • the player can make a bet in any convenient place where there is a connection;
  • a bettor can always keep his finger on the pulse during the events, especially in live matches and with good deals;
  • the player has become autonomous and independent from being tied to a stationary betting company.

The developers of the mobile version of the Betfair Exchange have tried to simplify the interface a little and remove some heaviness for a quick and convenient game.

Betfair sportsbook

Betfair Sports

On the top panel of the Betfair India official website, there is a section “Betting activity”, where hundreds of sports are represented, which is unprecedented. A smaller part of the events is offered by the bookie itself, and a larger mass is offered by the exchange’s clients themselves.

The most popular betting competitions of the Betfair sportsbook:

  • Betfair football – hundreds of events and rich action lines are presented.
  • Betfair cricket – The site contains all the major championships of India, including the Betfair IPL. By the way, on the IPL Betfair has the most serious action line.
  • Tennis, which takes place all year round.
  • Boxing and competitions under the auspices of the UFC.
  • Traditional British rugby, horse racing, and volleyball.
  • E-sports. An excellent set of events on a wide range.

The size of the coefficients due to the effect of the huge scale of Betfair India is one of the highest in the world. Especially for Betfair football and Betfair cricket. You can open their website and check it yourself.

On the official website, the identified player, if desired, sets a coefficient for a sports or any other event at his own discretion. That is, all players are offered two types of bets: “Against” or “For”. This can be compared to buying a lot on the stock exchange at a certain price, only here it is even easier.

In the case of a bet “For”, the player puts up his quote of the event and the size of the bet on the outcome, usually the maximum possible. If another bettor accepts the bet, then a deal between these persons automatically occurs. This bet and its execution by the parties is guaranteed by the Betfair Exchange. In the case of the final outcome, according to the idea of the first bettor, he receives a win. For example, if the second exchange user makes a bet “For” a draw in a match, then in order to receive a win, the meeting should not reveal the winner. When betting “Against”, the second player bets that the event will not take place.

Bonuses for newcomers

A welcome bonus awaits all new Betfair bookmaker users. Its size is $100. The bonus itself is provided in the form of a free bet, that is, a free opportunity is given to make a bet on this amount and get real money. To participate in the welcome bonus program from the office, a beginner needs to do the following steps:

  • Register on the official website of Betfair betting company, and enter a promo code in a separate line.
  • Put up to five bets with conditions: bet only on ordinaries with a minimum bet amount of $10 with an event quote of at least 1.5.
  • Within two days after the coupon is calculated, the betting website user is credited to the free bet account in the amount of $20.
  • The player repeats the process up to 5 times at his will, as a result of which you can get a bonus of up to $100.

No other bonuses are allowed until the end of this welcome program. The period of validity of the bonus promotion is 1 month from the moment of making the first deposit.

Bets canceled by the office or redeemed by the bettor do not participate in the bonus program. Free bets also do not participate in the promotion. A very important nuance of participating in the welcome promotion is that the client’s account must be replenished with his bank card. This gives the Betfair Exchange another additional way to identify the client’s identity.

Betfair app

Betfair App

Mobile apps for phones and tablets further increase the attractiveness in comparison with the smartphone version of the site. Advantages of mobile applications:

  • constant communication with the game server, even in case of routine maintenance – the player can play around the clock;
  • attractive design and layout that even a beginner can master;
  • fast engine, work even with weak devices.

Currently, the Betfair Exchange provides its customers with applications on two operating systems – Android and iOS. The functionality of both programs offers:

  • the ability to place bets on events and place your bets;
  • depositing and withdrawing money to a variety of financial instruments;
  • viewing video broadcasts;
  • cards, casinos, video games;
  • customizing the interface. The functionality is in no way inferior to the official website of the Betfair Exchange.

To download the Betfair app, click on the Mobile section with the Android and Apple logos. After that, a page with links to the programs will open. Betfair app can be downloaded from your phone or to your computer with subsequent file transfer. Clicking on the iOS link moves the player to the App Store. After Betfair download, the files are installed automatically on a smartphone or tablet in both cases.

Betfair Exchange login

The registration procedure itself is quite simple. It includes the registration itself and subsequent verification. To create an account, the bettor must do the following steps:

  1. Enter your real name and surname, country of residence, city, and street of registration according to the identification document (passport, military ID, driver’s license, or other official paper).
  2. Enter a real mobile phone number, a valid email address, and your real date of birth.
  3. Choose a currency to play on the Betfair betting site and give consent to the processing of player data by the company’s security service.
  4. After receiving an SMS from the office on the mobile phone, you need to enter it in a special field for confirmation.
  5. Click on the “Join” button.
  6. Login to the Betfair website is accomplished now!

After the procedure, the player can make a deposit and place bets on any gadget. To do this, you need identification, which takes place by entering the client’s login and password. That is, you can also do it on your phone – in the mobile version of the site or applications.


Betfair Verification

Without verifying the authenticity of the data, no bookie in the world will transfer winnings from the client’s account to his personal wallet. The Betfair Exchange values its high reputation, so it carefully checks new users of the platform. For verification, one of the documents certifying the identity of the bettor is needed: a driver’s license, a civil or foreign passport, a military ID card, a medical or social insurance card, or another document at the discretion of the company’s employees.

The information contained in the submitted documents must match the data that was entered in the registration form when creating an account. Betfair uses two different ways to identify the player’s identity.

The first method is online verification. To pass it, you should prepare one of the necessary documents listed above. You also need a device with a good camera so that all questions disappear from the Betfair betting exchange office. The online identification process takes place in stages:

  • Click on the “Pass verification” section button on the website.
  • Pick up a passport, medical insurance, and so on. They must be in good physical condition. The best option would be to send as many documents as possible.
  • Take a photo or scan of a document with personal data. The quality of the image should be high. This also shows the player’s attitude to this procedure.

Photo/the scanned document will be processed by the office staff for compliance with the personal information filled in when creating the account. According to the company’s requirements, it is additionally necessary to take a full-face photo of your face. It is recommended to keep a sheet next to the written date of the photo and the inscription Betfair, but this is not necessary. Photos/scans of documents are uploaded directly to the website, and to your account. The company’s specialists carry out identification and comparison of data for several hours, possibly faster. 

The second way of verifying the player’s identity consists of the same steps described above, only copies of the documents are sent to the bookmaker’s email [email protected]. Identification, in this case, can take place in a period of up to two days. After the verification process is completed, the bettor will be notified. From now on, the client can log in to the Betfair Exchange website or application and enjoy betting.

Technical support of the Betfair Exchange India

Betfair has a reliable and competent support service that will always answer any of your questions. which you may have when working with the site. To contact technical support, it is better to be authorized. The Betfair Exchange responds via the following communication channels:

Final verdict on Betfair betting company

One thing can be said after analyzing our Betfair review, Betfair is an honest and reliable company that has never let its users down. Add to this a wonderful website and application as well as a wide betting line and we will get one of the best bookmakers in the world. Don’t delay, see for yourself on their website. Good luck!

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